Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain 750ml



  • Ronseal

A water-based wood stain for use on all hardwood garden furniture

Clear Natural MattClear Natural MattClear Natural MattDark RosewoodDark RosewoodDark RosewoodDeep MahoganyDeep MahoganyDeep MahoganyEnglish OakEnglish OakEnglish OakNatural CedarNatural CedarNatural CedarRich TeakRich TeakRich Teak
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Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain is fit for use on all hardwood garden furniture, including Teak, Oak and Mahogany, and outdoor smooth planed wood.

Note: This item can’t be used on recently painted garden furniture.

Weight 0.8 kg

Clear Natural Matt, Dark Rosewood, Deep Mahogany, English Oak, Natural Cedar, Rich Teak


Easy to apply
Provides long lasting colour and protection
Enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain
Protects hardwood surfaces from sun and water damage
Rainproof in 1 hour
Comes with 3 Year Colour Guarantee
Does not crack, split or peel
Available in a range of colours or as a clear finish
Low V.O.C content

Preparing and Applying


We always suggest that surfaces ought to be dry and clear, and that all hints of residue and soil be eliminated with a brush or vacuum cleaner before applying a wood finish.

The need of sanding and eliminating past finishes from the surface will rely upon the oil, wax or stain utilized (see product instructions for direction on this).


Always do a small test area before beginning any project to assess colour and compatibility. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin at all times. Stir thoroughly before use.

Apply Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain with a good quality synthetic paint brush in the direction of the wood grain
Apply 3 full coats to get the 3 Year Colour Guarantee
Leave 4 hours between each coat
If you get any stain on yourself, wash it off with warm, soapy water
It is best to leave your furniture a couple of days before using it, to allow the stain to fully harden
Cleaning Equipment
Scrape as much stain off your brush as you can, then wash it in warm soapy water. It is best to clean any spills up straight away while they are still wet. Do not pour any left over stain down the drain or into watercourses.