Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint 2.5L



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A solid, water-based paint for wood planks, concrete and stone ground surface

BlackBlackBlackCreamCreamCreamPebblestonePebblestonePebblestoneSlateSlateSlateTerracottaTerracottaTerracottaTile RedTile RedTile RedWhiteWhiteWhite
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Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint is fit for all inside wood flooring, just as concrete and stone floors.

Note: This item isn’t fit for self leveling compound, or force skimmed floors.

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Black, Cream, Pebblestone, Slate, Terracotta, Tile Red, White


Portects against thumps, scrapes, scratches and spills
Fast and simple to apply
Dries to a murky, glossy silk finish
Progressed acrylic detailing gives long-lasting security and shading
Low scent
Medium V.O.C

Preparing and Applying


We always suggest that surfaces ought to be dry and clear, and that all hints of residue and soil be eliminated with a brush or vacuum cleaner before applying a wood finish.

The need of sanding and eliminating past finishes from the surface will rely upon the oil, wax or stain utilized (see product instructions for direction on this).


Note: The colour of these paints looks significantly different in the tin when first opened and before stirring. For example, the black paint looks a strong medium blue and the Terracotta looks a creamy yellow. Stir the paint thoroughly to mix the pigments. The paint dries to relevant colour once applied. Continue to stir the paint periodically during application to ensure a consistent colour.

Apply Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint with a synthetic brush, microfibre roller or paint pad
For best results, start in the corner of the room furthest from the door
When painting wooden floorboards, work on 2 floorboards at a time to avoid overlapping and finish in the same direction as the wood grain
Apply 2-3 coats dependent on the coverage and colour, leaving 4-6 hours between each coat