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An across the board, solvent-based decking oil

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Ronseal Decking Oil makes softwood and hardwood decking strong and looking extraordinary for longer with an unmistakable, colored finish.

Note: Ronseal Decking Oil is solvent-based and is not viable with the water-based Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil. This implies that one can’t be used over the other.

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Natural, Natural Cedar, Natural Oak, Natural Pine


2.5l, 5l


  • Ideal for exposed wood, protected or pressure-treated decking sheets
    Ideal for all softwood and hardwood decking
    Magnificent water obstruction, globules downpour to forestalling water entrance
    Assists with forestalling mold, buildup, and parasites
    Nourishes decking to lessen twisting, expanding, and parting
    Contains UV channels to ensure against sun harm
    High V.O.C

Preparing and Applying


We always suggest that surfaces ought to be dry and clear and that all hints of residue and soil be eliminated with a brush or vacuum cleaner before applying a wood finish.

The need for sanding and eliminating past finishes from the surface will rely upon the oil, wax, or stain utilized (see product instructions for direction on this).


Do not apply Ronseal Decking Oil in wet conditions or if rain, frost, or snow is likely before the product is dry. Decked areas should be completely dry before application. Stir thoroughly before and periodically during application.

Apply a thin, even film of decking oil with a suitable decking applicator
Work the oil into the surface of the decking boards
Wipe off any excess oil with a clean lint-free cloth
Allow the first coat to dry in accordance with environmental conditions
Apply a second coat as above
Allow 24 hours to dry completely before heavy use
Two coats of Ronseal Decking Oil are usually sufficient but this may vary depending on the type of decking timber and its absorbency.


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