Osmo Interior Wood Filler



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An across the board, non-acrylic, water-based filler, putty and sanding sealer.

73001 Natural73001 Natural73001 Natural73002 White73002 White73002 White 73003 Maple Birch73003 Maple Birch73003 Maple Birch73004 Beech73004 Beech73004 Beech73005 Pine73005 Pine73005 Pine73006 Cherry73006 Cherry73006 Cherry73007 Jatoba73007 Jatoba73007 Jatoba73008 Mahogany73008 Mahogany73008 Mahogany73009 Walnut73009 Walnut73009 Walnut73010 Teak73010 Teak73010 Teak73011 White Oak73011 White Oak73011 White Oak73012 Mid Oak73012 Mid Oak73012 Mid Oak73013 Antique Oak73013 Antique Oak73013AntiqueOak73014 Ebony73014 Ebony73014 Ebony
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Osmo Interior Wood Filler can be utilized for a wide scope of fix and redesign ventures. In contrast to other wood fillers, Osmo Interior Wood Filler can be handily sanded around 30 minutes after drying.

Note: The Clear variety of this item is certainly not a clear filler, but instead an unbiased (cream-like) shading that may recolored whenever required.

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73001 Natural, 73002 White, 73003 Maple Birch, 73004 Beech, 73005 Pine, 73006 Cherry, 73007 Jatoba, 73008 Mahogany, 73009 Walnut, 73010 Teak, 73011 White Oak, 73012 Mid Oak, 73013 Antique Oak, 73014 Ebony


100g, 250g


  • Ready to use with no requirement for a hardener
  • Non-combustible, non-poisonous, and temperature resistant
  • Won’t break, shrink, sink or drop out
  • Fast and simple to utilize
  • Solvent free


Apply Osmo Wood Filler using a wood filler blade or other instrument to frame a smooth finish over the harmed region

At the point when the filler is dry, sand the filled zone and the encompassing wood

Ensure that all hints of filler are sanded from the territory quickly encompassing the fix zone as this may influence the last completion

For enormous, profound openings, it might be important to fill the gap in stages by layering the wood filler and permitting it to dry before applying the following layer

Follow this cycle multiple times relying upon the size of the opening until the filler is level with the encompassing wood

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