Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner Spray 500ml



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A spray cleaner for cleaning and maintaining interior wooden furniture, worktops and floors

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Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner is a flush free, pH-neutral cleaner, ideal for the day by day cleaning and maintaining of inside wooden worktops, floors, and furniture that have been recently treated with a hard wax oil, stain, or enamel.

As an alternative cleaner for wooden floors, give Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner a try.

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  • Doesn’t damage or remove the existing finish
    Leaves no dulling residue
    Handy trigger spray applicator
    Formulated with soaps and natural oils
    High VOC

Preparing and Applying


We always suggest that surfaces ought to be dry and clear, and that all hints of residue and soil be eliminated with a brush or vacuum cleaner before applying a wood finish.

The need of sanding and eliminating past finishes from the surface will rely upon the oil, wax or stain utilized (see product instructions for direction on this).


  1. Spray Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner lightly and evenly onto the wood surface to be cleaned
  2. Wipe away with a clean, lint-free cloth