Fiddes Wood Filler Gel



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A professional, solvent-based wood filler gel for interior wood


Fiddes Wood Filler Gel is a flexible wood filler that, when blended in with sanding dust, delivers a filler that looks and acts more like wood. Ideal for fixing holes, parts, and gaps in a wide assortment of surfaces, including wooden floors, entryways and furniture. It dries to create a filler that can be recolored, sanded and finished with the encompassing wood.
Note: It’s best to utilize sanding dust from the wood being redesigned or fixed as this will deliver a filler with a closer shading match. Exceptionally fine wood dust gives a better outcome than coarse wood dust.

Weight N/A

0.8 KG, 5kg

Preparing and Applying


We always suggest that surfaces ought to be dry and clear, and that all hints of residue and soil be eliminated with a brush or vacuum cleaner before applying a wood finish.

The need of sanding and eliminating past finishes from the surface will rely upon the oil, wax or stain utilized (see product instructions for direction on this).




  1. Mix the desired amount of Fiddes Wood Filler Gel with a similar amount of sanding dust from the project at hand
    Mix the wood dust and gel until a putty like consistency is achieved
  2. The made up wood filler can then be kept in an air tight container for future use
    dust mixture into the area to be repaired with a flat bladed trowel
  3. Smooth into the surface of the surrounding wood
  4. Allow to dry fully before sanding and finishing


  • Mix with sanding dust for repairs to interior wooden floors and furniture
    Gives a more ‘wood like’ appearance than regular wood filler
    Can be stained and finished to match the surrounding wood
    Quick Drying
    High VOC
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